About Tizzi

     Hi, I am Tizziana Chapin, but please call me Tizzi.  Everyone in the team Tizzi®  family loves expressing fashion.  So, together we created a fun line of interchangeable flip flops that allows you to create your own look.  We began working with an artistic design development team, filing trademarks and a provisional patent in 2011 followed by a non-provisional patent in 2012.  

     Shortly there after I began to fight for my health.  The illness triggered a sudden scoliosis onset that caused a 37 degree curve.  My lungs were damaged, I missed 2 months of school, I couldn't eat, I went from orthopedic specialist, to endocrinologist, to GI specialist, to myopractor, to physical therapy, to infectious disease doctor and finally after 10 months figured out the virus that changed my life.  During that time I chose to live by faith and started bible_inspirationalquotes on instagram.  I am so blessed for the chance to inspire others,  to see miracles everyday that people share with me and to help so many from Alabama, New York and even India by sharing my faith.  I chose to live free from obstacle holding me back and I chose to be strong.  Finally, in June 2015 we received issuance allowance for our interchangeable footwear utility patent.  Now, I along with our empowering team Tizzi®  are very passionate about creating an extraordinary Tizzi® jewelry collection as an outstanding party plan opportunity.  We are very excited and anxious to share with everyone jewelry that speaks!  Tizzi Inc. believes in speaking words of affirmation.  We encourage other people to speak amazing powerful words into your life.  We all know how words effect our lives but we chose to lead what is spoken behind our back.  Team Tizzi® and I at 14 years old love living to;  

Be Extraordinary, Be Empowered & Lead with Purpose!

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